Tourist Attractions in Kannur

Places of Interest in Kannur district

The tourism potential for Kannur district is high. The St. Angelos Fort in the Kannur Cantonment, which was constructed in 1505, is a symbol of Portuguese architecture and attracts plenty of tourists. The Thalassery Fort is an important tourist centre. Palakkayam Thattu and Ezhimala are known for scenic beauty. Places of historic importance, like the house of Gundert, who composed the first Malayalm- English Dictionary.

St. Angelo’s Fort (also known as Kannur Fort or Kannur Kotta), is a fort facing the Arabian Sea, situated 3 km from the town of Kannur. 
A massive triangular laterite fort, replete with a moat and flanking bastions, the St. Angelo's Fort was constructed by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francesco de Almeida in 1505. In 1663, the Dutch captured the fort from the Portuguese and sold it to Ali Raja of Kannur. In 1790 the British who seized control over the fort, renovated and equipped it to be their most important military station in Malabar.

Pythal Mala, also known as Vaital Mala, is a famous hill station in the Kannur district of Kerala in India. Located near Pottenplave village, at a height of 1371.6 m above sea level, this is the highest geographic peak in Kannur.
These huge mountains lay spread over 500 acres of land. This is a dense forest area. One can go by bus upto Pottanplavu. From there jeep can be driven for six kms. After that, 2 km walk by foot. North of Paithalmala is Kudaku forest. At the base of the mountain, a tourist information center and dormitory have been constructed.

3. Palakkayam Thattu
It is a mist covered mountain situated at 4000ft above sea level. This place is good for trekking and off road drive and evening is good time to visit here, view of sunset from here is amazing.
It is just 24 km from Pythal Mala

4. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of about 35 km from Thalassery and 60 km from the town of Kannur. Headquartered in Iritty (20 km away)
the sanctuary was set up in 1984. Lying along the thickly forested slopes of the Western Ghats, the sanctuary houses a wide variety of animals and birds. The highest peak of the region is Katti Betta, situated at an altitude of 1145 meters.

5. Muzhuppilangad Drive-In Beach
The Muzhappilangad Beach, located around 15 km away from Kannur, is considered as a swimmer's paradise. It is the only drive-in beach in the entire Kerala region where tourists can drive up to a length of 4 km. The Green Island near this beach is frequently visited by tourists.

Adventure sports like paragliding, parasailing and microlite flights are possible at the Muzhappilangad Beach. Other attractions include water sports, power boating or a simple catamaran ride.
Tellicherry Fort, also known as Thalassery Fort, This fort which had witnessed many ebbs and tides of history is of much importance to tourists who are interested in historical events.
The fort is situated in the Thiruvallippad hill of Thalassery town, 20 kms away from Kannur in the south direction. It was constructed by the British East India Company in the year 1708. this fort has to tell many stories of the victory and defeat of Kalathiri, Tippu Sultan and Pazhassi Raja.

Quiet, secluded, this beautiful stretch of sand and surf is the best locale for a relaxed evening. The Payyambalam beach is a popular picnic spot of the local people and holds much potential for development into a tourist resort.
One of the prime attractions of this beach is a sculpture by the famous sculptor, Kanayi Kunjiraman, which portrays a mother and child.

Experience the magic of monsoon in Kerala, through white-water rafting, in the wild and beautiful, Tejaswini River.We have two rafting stretches for you, Upper Tejaswini and Lower Tejaswini, each of them contrasting in nature.
Upper Tejaswini is 10km long, flows between Kannur district and forests of Coorg distirict, Karnataka. It is a narrow river with full of rapids, ranging up to class - 2. Lower Tejaswini is wider and 10km long. There are 3 major rapids ranging up to class-3, in high volume, and plenty of smaller rapids.

The Alakapuri Waterfalls are situated Kanjirakolly around 55 km from Kannur. They are some of the beautiful waterfalls in North Kerala.
Near to the waterfalls is Sasippaara, a viewpoint, which is 1 km away from the waterfalls.

Sasipara (Elapara) is situated at Kanjirakolly around 55 km from Kannur. It is located at a height of about 4000 ft from the sea level.
From Sasi Para one can also get the view of Kanjirakolly Valley, Elappara, Udumbe and Coorg Range of Reserve Forest in Karnataka.

Kannavam Reserve Forest situated on the Thalaserry - Bavali road is fast finding its way on the tourism map. This forest is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, including rare medicines, which is used in treating venom, kidney and urinary tract diseases.
The Peruva, Chembukkavu, Thetummal and Kolappa regions inside the forest see a lot of visitors.

12. Dharmadam Island
Dharmadam Island, also known as the Green Island and Dharmapattanam, is a popular attraction near Kannur. This island can be seen from the nearby Muzhappilangad Beach.
Dharmadam Island is a small 2 hectare private island in between Kannur and Thalassery. It lies 100 metres from the mainland at Dharmadam. This island, covered with coconut palms and dense bush is a beautiful sight from the Muzhappilangad beach. During low tide, one can walk out to it from the beach. Permission is required to land on the island as it is privately owned.

Kanayi Kanam is a small stream with small waterfalls flowing in the middest of thick forest like vegetations. Kanayi kanam is situated in the Kanayi village about 12 Km away from payyanur, in the Kannur district of Kerala.
The atmosphere here is very pleasing with fresh water and greenery all around. 

14. Ezhimala Hill
Ezhimala is a hill reaching a height of 286 protruding into Arabian sea. It was the former capital of the ancient Mushika Kings, and is considered to be an important historical site.
It is a conspicuous, isolated cluster of hills, forming a promontory, 38 km north of Kannur Town. A flourishing seaport, and center of trade around the beginning of the Common Era, it was also one of the major battle-fields of the Chola-Chera Wars of the 11th century. It is believed by some that Lord Buddha had visited Ezhimala.

Vismaya is an amusement water theme park situated near Taliparamba in Kannur, Kerala. The park is developed and run by Malabar Tourism Development Co-operative Limited.
Vismaya water theme park is spread across 30 acres and it is fully covered with thrilling rides and water sports.

Pazhassi Dam is an ideal retreat for tourists, the dam site is famous for its scenic beauty. It is almost 35 kilometers from Kannur town. 
The District Tourism Promotion Concil (DTPC) provides pleasure boating facilities at the reservoir. The reservoir is mainly used for irrigational purposes.  It is the only reservoir with gardens in Kannur district. The garden is a good attraction with sculptures.

Parassinkkadavu Snake Park is located in Parassinkkadavu about 16 kilometres from Kannur Town.
Here there are a large genre of snakes and other small animals as well as a live show, where trained personnel play and 'interact' with a variety of snakes, including cobras and vipers, and seek to quell mythical fears and superstitions about snakes.

20.K.M.from Kannur, near Thalasseri twon on the national high way at Illikunnu. Dr. Herman Gundert, the revered German missionary, scholar and lexicographer lived in this bungalow for 20 years from 1839.
It was here that one of the first Malayalam dictionaries and the first Malayalam Newspaper - Paschimodayam - took shape.

Arakkal Kettu, a palace which was converted into museum, attract tourists with its royal history and artifacts. Located a few kilometers away from Kannur town, the palace lies in the proximity of Mopila Bay.
A few centuries ago, the palace served as the royal residence of Arakkal Ali Rajas (a Muslim Royal Family) who were the then rulers of Kannur and Lakshadweep islands. The musuem is closed on Mondays.

Palchuram Water Falls is located on the boarder of Wayanad and Kannur districts. It is a four step waterfall with a height of 300 metres.
Palchuram Falls is the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Kannur District. The path is quiet dangerous and tiresome. but the waterfalls is worth it. It is located inside the forest, So it is a very good trekking point too.