Here Are 10 Surprising Life-Saving Tips That Everyone Should Know

If you find yourself on fire, it's best to roll around on the floor in a vigorous manner. But you probably already know that. You might not be so familiar with other handy life saving tips, however. Sage advice is hard to come by, here are some great tips to avoid danger, or get yourself out of a sticky situation.

1. Life Jackets
If you are in a plane and it makes an emergency landing, don't inflate your life jacket straight away - don't give into the impulse and panic. Inflating the jacket inside the cabin will make it harder to exit the aircraft. So you should wait until you are outside. The same applies for a sinking ship. Swim to an exit if you can, and then go buoyant.

2. If You're Lost On A Hike, Walk Downhill
People build homes in valleys, by water. So, walk downhill, as it is your best chance of finding other people. Fences and water also provide significant clues. The stream always flow downhill, and invariably, will reach a larger tributary or a body of water. The fence will almost always lead to a road or a structure.

3. A Torch Can Save Your Life
A torch can be a good weapon against an attacker: And not just because you can hit them with it. If someone is approaching you, perhaps aggressively, the light could warn them off (especially at night), as a harsh light in their eyes will prove effective, and they might worry that it might catch somebody's attention.

4. Smoke During House Fires? Just Stay Low!
Smoke inhalation is the biggest cause of death in house fires. Stay low to the ground and avoid breathing too much if you can.

5. Don't Eat Snow Unless You Really Have To
Snow for hydration is a last resort. It doesn't provide much water; and in eating it, you are reducing your body heat rapidly, which might be more dangerous. It's important to weigh up the balance.

6. Texting And Walking
Stop texting while walking. Your brain can't handle it - you need to look where you are going. Walking while using your phone demands huge amounts of cognitive effort, and you can suffer `inattention blindness', where you might see what is around you, but not actually process the fact that you are about to able hit by a car.

7. Make Sure Your Car Mirrors Are Correctly Positioned
This is basic, but often ignored. Ensuring your car wing mirror are correctly positioned reduce the size of inevitable blind spots. This way, you are looking after fellow road users, and yourself.

8. The Bystander Effect
If you find yourself hurt in a public place, single out an individual. There is a psychological belief that if you are injured in a crowd of people, everyone thinks that `somebody else' will help you. Direct your pleas to one person - they are more likely to intervene.

9. When Cooking Oil Catches Fire
Turn off the burner and cover the pot. Don't do anything drastic. Call the fire brigade, of course, if necessary. But whatever you do, don't use water.

10. In Case Of Stabbing
Don't try to remove the blade or knife. The same applies if you are unlucky enough to find yourself impaled on a sharp object. Instead, you should cover the wound, try to stop the bleeding, and find a medical professional.


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