Meenmutty Falls, Wayanad

Meenmutty Waterfalls is the largest waterfall in Wayanad and the second largest waterfall in the state of Kerala. This waterfall is located at a distance of 29 kms from Kalpetta. It is a spectacular 3 tiered waterfall, about 2 km hike away from the Ooty main road.
The trek goes through a jungle route and one gets amazing scenic views on the way.  The three tiers have separate trekking trails for access, each going through moist deciduous forests, the waterfall is a trekker's paradise.
The word ‘Meenmutty’ is a culmination of two words. ‘Meen’ means fish in Malayalam and ‘Mutty’ means blocked. Hence the word ‘Meenmutty’ means ‘fishes are blocked here’.Since there is upward falls where fish can’t swim further this name is given to the falls.
The best time to visit Meenmutty falls is between October and May, because the water is too torrential during the post-monsoon months. The falls is sometimes kept closed to the public, so it is advisable to confirm with the tourism department before visiting the place.
  • Location : Korome- Karimbil Rd, Thondernad, Kerala 670731
  • Nearest major Railway Station : Calicut
  • Nearest major Bus Station : Meppadi
  • Nearest Airports : Kozhikode (103 kms)