Gundert Bungalow

Gundert Bungalow was the home of the German missionary, scholar and lexicographer, Dr. Herman Gundert, who has given invaluable contributions to the Malayalam language. Dr. Gundert stayed at the bungalow, at Illikkunnu, Thalassery, for two decades. It was in 1839 that he settled down here. 
Dr. Gundert was instrumental in bringing out the first Malayalam dictionary in 1859 and the first Malayalam newspapers, Rajyasamacharam, which was followed by Paschimodayam. It was while he stayed at this bungalow that he laboured long and hard at these dream projects. He also started a school in the building in 1839.
The bungalow has wide verandahs, huge doors and other features of a typical colonial mansion. However, it is its history more than its architecture that attracts visitors.
  • Location : Koduvally, Thalassery, 19 kms from Kannur
  • Nearest major Railway Station : Thalassery
  • Nearest major Bus Station : Thalassery
  • Nearest Airports : Kozhikode (96 kms), Mangalore(174 kms).


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