Arakkal Museum

The Arakkal Palace is located in Kannur district and is owned by the only royal Muslim family in Kerala known as the Arakkal family and the Arakkal museum is dedicated to this family. The museum is actually a section of the Arakkalkettu (Arakkal Palace). The durbar hall section of the palace has been converted into a museum by the Government of Kerala. 
Arakkal family is the royal family which ruled Kannur for several centuaries. They had family relationship with Kolathiris, the rulers of the neighbouring Chirakkal kingdom. Arakkal family had trade relationship with Arabs and later with Europeans. The islands of Lakshadweep and Maldives were ruled by Arakkal family. The king of Arakkal kingdom was known as Arakkal Raja and the Queen was known as Arakkal Beevi.
Although renovated by the government, the Arakkalkettu is still owned by the Arakkal Family Trust and does not fall under the control of the country's archaeology department, the Archaeological Survey of India. The government had taken a keen interest in preserving the heritage of the Arakkal Family, which had played a prominent role in the history of Malabar. A nominal entry fee is charged by the Arakkal Family Trust from visitors to the museum.
The musuem is closed on Mondays. For details contact: Ph: +91 94460 17949
  • Location : Ayikkara Govt Hospital Rd, Ayikkara, Kannur, 3 kms from Kannur Town
  • Nearest major Railway Station : Kannur
  • Nearest major Bus Station : Kannur
  • Nearest Airports : Kozhikode (116 kms), Mangalore(158 kms).